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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Jon & Elena Engaged! | Portland, Oregon Wedding Photographer

“This is how we met!”  Is what they said when I pushed them together for a photograph. Literally, pushed together in a room full of friends at a party. An instant connection was made, and they new within a few dates it was meant to be! Jon & Elena, I am so excited for you,…

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Derek & Mary {Vancouver, Wa Wedding Photographer}

Oh, I LOVE this couple! Although my hubby and I have known Derek since he was about 12, I felt like through the process of shooting their wedding and engagement sessions, they became friends. Mary and I have become craft buddies, and we truly enjoy hanging out together. I LOVE it when my clients become…

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Vancouver, Wa Family Photography | Weygandt Family

This sweet family is close to my heart. I used to baby sit the 3 older kids every week  when I was a teenager, and their mom, Wendee was my small group leader when I was in middle school. Wendee had a huge impact on my life and my relationship with the Lord… I will…

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Annalise Nickleberry - Wow, I can't believe those are the Weygant kids! I remember them as babies. So beautiful!

Kirsten Fauser Delaney - love them

Things I Love…Twilight!

  So, one of my goals for 2012 is to be a better blogger, and get more personal here on the Ol’ blog to let you see into my life more. I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I’m a HUGE Twilight fan. And, about 2 years ago, I dragged my beloved sister in…

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Rachel Kesler - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reliving this night through your blog! It was SO much FUN!

Ashley Shaddy - Was such a fun night! Thanks for the memories. LOVED all the details. You & Rachel are truly party throwers after my own heart!

Things I love…Nesting!

Nesting I’ve always been a “nester”. I have ALWAYS loved making a space my own. The first memory I have of this, specifically, I think I was about 10 years old, and my Grandparents moved. My grandma gave me some of her hand-me-down bedding, that had matching comforter, throw pillows,  lamp, curtains, bed skirt…and I…

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sarah costa - LOVE your house.. we have SO many things in common ;-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE colorful fabrics, patterns and textures so much.

Genia Roberson - Looks beautiful!

Kori Heuvel - I love it friend! Can I come for a visit? I want to see all of your new home!

Kori Heuvel - oh and your heart in San Francisco… special times with a treasured friend!

Eryn Crawford Kesler - Of course! We have lots more room now! You might even get a bed this time!

eryn6572 - Sarah, we HAVE to meet!!

Beckie Jones Farrant - The headboard looks amazing friend!

eryn6572 - Thanks for the inspiration! I LOVE It!