A Fresh Start

Well, hello friends! It’s a brand new blog!

There was a mishap with my blog hosting and all of my previous blog archives were lost. I am so sad about it! All my years of documenting my adventures and experiences with all my lovely clients have disappeared. But, I am looking forward to building brand new content! I also plan to go back and repost some of my faves from years gone by.

I also plan to share a bit more of my life here on the blog. Things are changing around here this coming season. For the first time in 13 years…I will have all kiddos in school for a few hours a day! I’m not gonna lie…I’m pretty happy about it! I’m hoping that those few precious extra hours will give me a little bit of time for blogging more frequently about my adventures in photography, adulting, and what’s going on my life.

In the mean time, if you are looking for more info about photography services, you can pop over to my website ErynKesler.com for info or email me!


Thanks for visiting! xoxo Eryn



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