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Things I love…Nesting!

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the view of our new master from the hallway (I really need a bedskirt, to hide the stuff I jammed under there!)

Nesting 🙂 I’ve always been a “nester”. I have ALWAYS loved making a space my own. The first memory I have of this, specifically, I think I was about 10 years old, and my Grandparents moved. My grandma gave me some of her hand-me-down bedding, that had matching comforter, throw pillows,  lamp, curtains, bed skirt…and I thought it was SO cool and very grown up to have all coordinating things. My mom and dad were always pretty cool, and allowed me to make my room my own. I went through a few phases…a mickey mouse phase, a Watermelon phase (WHAT? Who decorates with Watermelon themes? I did. I actually made it my 6th grade Art Fair project! Sponge painting watermelons on everything I owned. It was like 1990, what can I say?). I even made my own cool hangout in the attic, complete with twinkle lights and carpet.

When I was about 20, I found Martha. Stewart, that is. And, I loved her ever since. Since early on, I have LOVED crafting of all kinds (thus, the sponge painting).  I love how Martha shows her readers great style, but that can achieve it on their own. You don’t always have to buy an expensive piece of furniture, you can update an older piece with a fresh coat of paint or recover an old chair with new fabric…frame a something special to you to create wall art, or give a special gift by crafting something you love.  I just connected with that! And now, Pinterest…WHOA. A DIY girl’s paradise. I’m completely obsessed. We had about a week without internet in our new home, and I was DYING for a pinterest fix!! For a girl who loves nesting, Pinterest is a MUST! ( you can find me here, on pinterest.

Getting married was like a GIANT adventure in nesting, getting to pick out things for my new home that made it cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. Having a baby or three, well those were the ULTIMATE excuse for nesting. Sewing baby bedding, painting rooms, spending months perfecting the cozy space where our kiddos would live….I LOVED IT.

This year has been an interesting one for the Kesler family. We’ve moved twice. The first move, we knew would be shorter term. 1-2 years, we had hoped. There was something about knowing it was not permanent, that just left me feeling a little unmotivated to make that space our own. I knew I wouldn’t be painting anything…which is a HUGE way to make your home feel more like you. I left most of my personal items stored away in boxes. Our walls were blank, and so was my creativity. A mold problem prematurely moved us out of that house. God provided miraculously, a perfect home for our family of 5. It’s twice the size of our last house, and there’s just something about it that feels like HOME to me.  I instantly kicked into NESTING mode. I began to visualize wall colors, or furniture placement. Projects to customize the space began to draw me in…the possibilities are endless! Every room, a chance to welcome those who spend time in it. Inspire family memories, or give our friends a cozy place to be with us. My husband has teased me a few times, saying I’ve got my “Nesting Mojo” back! I think he likes it, even though it usually ends up costing us.

My first project in our new house was our Master Bedroom. Honestly we’ve never really HAD an official master bedroom. In our new home, it’s HUGE. It’s our OWN space. With our OWN bathroom!! I knew right away that I wanted our room to be about US. I’m lucky to have married my best friend. We have had many adventures together in the past 12 years we’ve been together. We’ve traveled all over the world, to Nepal, Italy, Ethiopia, Mexico, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Victoria BC, and let’s not forget Forks, Wa (yes, some of you know what I’m talking about…my hubby took me to FORKS! He loves me THAT much.)…and we can’t wait to add to the list. I just knew I wanted to bring some memories of our travels, that were just for US to this room. So, it’s far from complete, but I’ve begun a few things that are inspired by our travels into the room. It’s a cozy grey, which I’m kind of obsessed with right now. We currently have a project going on in the garage, building a headboard out of an old door…so that will come in soon, to brighten things up a bit with a punch of “Wedding Bells White” to the room. I’m a sentimental girl, so I love adding little touches of things that are meaningful to us and our story…

Some of our favorite places we have been…(inspired by Pinterest, of course). I LOVE maps!oregonwashingtonweddingphotographerportraitphotographernewhouse 007 Things I love...Nesting!pinthisI love this chenille beadspread I found in a thrift store…Chenille always reminds me of my Grandma Pool. There is such a homey quality to the feel of it! I also love quilts…not all quilts, but THIS quilt was made with love by my great grandmother. I LOVE the colors and patterns in it.oregonwashingtonweddingphotographerportraitphotographernewhouse 004 Things I love...Nesting!pinthisI am a lover of old things. Somehow they just seem more special to me. I found this nightstand for $2 at a garage sale this summer,and I love all the rings and dings on it. I also am kind of obsessed with Mason jars. The turquoise chair was a fun thrift store find, and it makes a great place for a lamp or phone charge next to the bed.oregonwashingtonweddingphotographerportraitphotographernewhouse 005 Things I love...Nesting!pinthisAgain, old things. This depression era glass dish was my Grandma Pool’s too. I love everything about it! It’s color and shape…the handles. It’s sitting on my OTHER grandma’s dresser. Also a treasured piece of furniture to me!oregonwashingtonweddingphotographerportraitphotographernewhouse 002 Things I love...Nesting!pinthisMy hubby thought I was crazy for wanting to bring home a piece of driftwood from our 10 year anniversary trip to the Olympic Penninsula this spring, but he carried it up to the car for me anyway! Every time I see it, it reminds me our romantic week away together, and walking on Ruby Beach together in the rain. (My Grandma Crawford was well known for trying to make her house into a beachhouse…in a silly old lady, seagull driftwood kind of way…so I get some harassment for this one!)oregonwashingtonweddingphotographerportraitphotographernewhouse 006 655x1024 Things I love...Nesting!pinthis

Update! We got our new headboard installed! My hubby built this pretty thing for me, out of an upcycled old door, and upcycled crown molding and trim from our Local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store! Love that place! The whole thing cost us under $40! I saw a tutorial here and knew it couldn’t be that hard to do (at least not for me, since I persuaded my hubby to do it 🙂 Ours was even easier because it didn’t require any sanding prior to painting. .vancouverwafamilyportraitphotographerlifestyle 014 Things I love...Nesting!pinthis

What are you loving right now? I’d love to hear!


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  • sarah costa - LOVE your house.. we have SO many things in common 😉 I LOVE LOVE LOVE colorful fabrics, patterns and textures so much.ReplyCancel

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  • Kori Heuvel - I love it friend! Can I come for a visit? I want to see all of your new home!ReplyCancel

    • Eryn Crawford Kesler - Of course! We have lots more room now! You might even get a bed this time!ReplyCancel

  • Kori Heuvel - oh and your heart in San Francisco… special times with a treasured friend!ReplyCancel

  • Beckie Jones Farrant - The headboard looks amazing friend!ReplyCancel

    • eryn6572 - Thanks for the inspiration! I LOVE It!ReplyCancel

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